Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend delights

  • My mother-in-law was visiting for a long weekend, so on Thursday, while M was at work, we took Little Planet to Giraffe in Islington where we both lunched on burgers and fries whilst Little P watched the lights, the balloons, the other babies and children and their mummies/nannies, and played with a paper napkin

  • M took Friday off work, so we left the baby with my mother-in-law and browsed Comme des Garcons' Dover Street Market in Piccadilly. I was particularly taken by the new Play childrens' range. Within a year - the smallest Play Kids size is still a little too large for her - Little Planet can wear clothes just like her mummy! I also bought some grey buttons from the Labour and Wait stall to replace the cream buttons on my trench coat, as I think the matt grey buttons will look more interesting against the creamy beige material

  • We lunched at American brasserie Automat across the road, where M had his favourite macaroni cheese with spinach and bacon and I ate a burger with ham, pineapple and cheese. We shared a dessert of Mississippi mud pie with pistachio ice cream and watched all the Mayfair hedge fund boys have their long Friday lunches

  • A collection of Stuart Luke Gatherer paintings caught our eye at the Albemarle Gallery. I liked his parodies of middle class and professional lives

  • We strolled around Green Park and St James' Park and enjoyed the crunch of autumnal leaves underfoot

  • We viewed Pieter Bruegel's masterly painting The Massacre Of The Innocents at The Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace. It was interesting to learn that the figures of babies and children being massacred were later overpainted by order of the Emperor Rudolph II, who owned it

  • Then onto the comprehensive Rennaissance Faces: Van Eyck To Titian exhibition at the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square. As usual, I was too tired to take in all the analytical connections being made, but I enjoyed simply absorbing the works emotionally. M is far more intellectual than I and loves reading and assessing any art exhibition's curatorial interpretations

  • We refueled on restorative green teas at Mitsukoshi on Regent Street. I love the peace and quiet of their most private (but still quite popular) basement Japanese restaurant and tea room

  • We ate an early dinner of assorted tapas and charcuterie at Dehesa on Ganton Street (behind Carnaby Street) and then rushed onto the Jubilee Line to see...

  • ... the magisterial Leonard Cohen at The O2. Oh my goodness, what a performance. I have written elsewhere about my adoration of both the man and his music. I have loved this man - who is old enough to be my grandfather! - since I was a teenager. This old man writes the sexiest and most spiritual songs of love and lust that I have ever heard. His music is truly transcendent

  • We left during the encores and managed to get home just before midnight. Little Planet was fast asleep in her cot and we capped a wonderful evening with some delicious Suntory Hibiki

  • We slept in late on Saturday morning - well, until 8am, which constitutes a lie in with a 5 month old baby. I think I have mentioned before that Little Planet hardly ever cries because she's hungry and she's content to simply doze or play first thing in the morning. This Saturday morning she woke up at around 6.30am so we popped her into bed with us and she fell asleep. Hence the lie in!

  • After our usual leisurely weekend breakfast of croissants and strong, freshly ground coffee, we left Little Planet with her Grandmother again and M and I headed back into town to do some more Christmas and birthday shopping

  • From Arigato in Soho, we stocked up on a variety of Japanese condiments for my sister-in-law, including mirin, soy sauce, sushi rice, rice topping and nori sheets. From Waterstone's on Piccadilly we bought her a Japanese cookbook and from Muji we bought her wooden rice bowls, chopsticks, dipping bowls and a big cloth bag to put everything in. I love giving food gifts to people

  • From Zavvi on Piccadilly, we bought a variety of CDs for Little Planet, including yet another Baby Einstein classical compilation and Disney's Christmas carols!

  • We lunched on green curry fried rice with char-grilled chicken, chilli prawn fried rice with shitake mushrooms, and fish cakes with cucumber and peanut relish at Busaba Eathai in Soho. The service was as bad as ever but the food was as delicious as ever (albeit a touch too salty for my liking)

  • In the evening, I cooked a prawn and red pepper curry with coconut milk and also a sweet potato and spinach curry with Bengali five spices. And after dinner, around 9pm, I collapsed into bed while M and his Mum watched TV (Little Planet had been fast asleep since 6.30pm)

  • We managed another lie in this Sunday morning, then M fed Little P and took her downstairs to play while I stayed in bed until 10am. Such bliss

  • We went to my sister-in-law's house for a long Sunday lunch. She lives just a few minutes away from us, but now she is in a new relationship we hardly ever see her. She made us pizzas. She loved her birthday present of Japanese goodies

  • Poor Little Planet missed most of her daytime naps today due to the lie in and the extended lunch out so was very ratty as the day draw to a close. She simply catnapped in her buggy, which isn't restorative enough for her

  • After he has fed the baby and put her to sleep, M will made pork tonkatsu again with shredded cabbage and sushi rice for our dinner

  • Another lovely weekend nearly over. Boo hoo


Olivia said...

I still don't know how you fit all that into one day - you did sooo much on Friday.

I know that Giraffe in Islington! Funny thinking of the old places.
I never knew Mitsukoshi had a basement teahouse.

Automat sounds great, I love macaroni cheese with spinach and bacon (was there also blue cheese>)

The wonderful thing is that you and M are able to take days off together (so important), and Little P gets to bond with her grandparents. You have found a perfect balance there, rather than some people who never go out once they have children, and then grandparents make short visits to harried parents and stressed baby. I admire your accomplishment there!

WA said...

Little P and the doll about the same size :) She looks like a doll herself

Planethalder said...

O, I wouldn't have survived the early months of motherhood without managing to get away from it all.

WA, isn't she a cheeky monkey!

Priyanka said...

Lil P should be on the cover of some Baby magazine, she looks SO CUTE ! You should send her pics out to Baby contests, I'm sure you'll win a LOT of $$ ;)

Planethalder said...

Thank you P! I have thought about it, but don't buy any relevant baby magazines anymore (bought them by the bucketload when I was pregnant!). All my spare time is spent on non-baby reading/activities but I will definitely think about it more as I agree, she has a fighting chance of winning something :-) She is such a beautiful little girl...

Princess Au Contraire said...

Oh! Your little one is such a doll! I look forward to your weekend wrap up posts to catch up on what you and the little one have been upto. She stirs maternal instincts within folks like me who suddenly realise how our own biological clocks are ticking away!

PS: I love Mitsukoshi too! Wonderful place! Your posts have led me to some wonderful places in search of good japanese food-Mitsukoshi being one of those places.

Planethalder said...

Thank you Princess :-)