Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post for Ma

My mum wrote me an email in response to my previous post. She said she felt sad that I was feeling bored and unwell and that she couldn't help me. So I emailed her back:

Hi Ma,

Don't be sad. Today, remarkably, I felt much better. I didn't sleep once in fact and had lots of energy. I think it helped that the weather was much cooler today, which makes me feel more energetic.

I think my boredom is mostly due to excitement and impatience - we have bought everything for the baby now and I have read all I want to about birth and looking after a newborn. Now I just want her to arrive so I can enjoy her and begin the next chapter of my life.

Lots of love,


Bombay Beauty said...

Waiting is sometimes the most difficult thing. We're all getting very excited here in cyberspace! BB

Mallika said...

Poor you! It's all that pent up excitement. Not long to go though...

eve's lungs said...

Hey catch up on your sleep now - you'll have little of that later !

Olivia said...

You must be nearly counting the hours now!

the mad momma said...

hang in there. the last few weeks are interminable for all of us. go through any blog and you will see all of us wrote about the dying of boredom and the inability to wait any longer... much excitement.

all the best.