Monday, February 11, 2008

This weekend

This weekend, we've watched Robert Altman's sprawling and superlative Shortcuts on DVD, set against the backdrop of middle class Los Angeles and inspired by short stories by Raymond Carver.

This weekend, we've eaten gyoza salad, ohitashi, chicken katsu don and miso soup at Toku in the Japan Centre on Piccadilly; tarte aux fraises and cheesecake at Patisserie Valerie on Old Compton Street; organic sausages and mash with onion gravy at The Honest Sausage in Regent's Park; dark chocolate and caramel millionaires slice and Portuguese nata at Fernandez & Wells on Lexington; Indian snacks from Ambala; homemade macaroni cheese and spinach; and homemade Persian mixed vegetable stew.

This weekend, we've strolled through Regent's, Finsbury and Priory parks in North London in the glorious, bright yellow sunshine.

This weekend, we've bought candles from Muji on Carnaby Street; chocolates and fruit fondants from Liberty; organic cherries and milk from Fresh & Wild on Brewer Street; lotus root, tofu and a brown rice mix with aduki beans and millet from Arigato on Brewer Street; wine from The Vintage House on Old Compton Street.

This weekend, we've browsed gymwear in Uni Qlo and Niketown; and prams and pushchairs in Mothercare at Marble Arch, finally deciding to go with the Bugaboo Chameleon (though we still may change our minds as I'm also toying with the Bugaboo Bee).

This weekend, we've viewed Modern Chinese Art - The Khoan And Michael Sullivan Collection, Part 1 at Asia House; and Catherine Yass' mesmeric but too short film installation of the Three Gorges Dam in China's Yangtze River at the Alison Jacques Gallery on Berners Street.

And we've played "call and response" with Little Planethalder in the womb - she'll kick and then we'll tap or call back in response and she'll kick back again. It'll be wonderful when we can encourage her to kick at any spot on my belly we touch.


Bombay Beauty said...

Sawaal-javaab with baby PH? This must be a profound moment.

On more practical matters, strollers (an area where I have much expertise for someone who doesn't yet have a child)... There's a tradeoff between urban use and off roading. The big wheels of the Cameleon are very helpful and worth the extra money, but the extra weight is an issue. Most people underrate how often they will lift the stroller - for this every kg matters. Unless you are really going to be going down muddy paths I would suggest the bee. One option is to buy the bee, and then use some sort of baby bjorn when you are strolling in the park. Just some thoughts...



Planethalder said...

Thanks for the comment BB. I found the Chameleon really light - both to carry and to steer - compared to other buggies, and I've seen many people out and about town with a Chameleon. Of course the Bee is even lighter but my concern here is that the seat looked quite small and I wonder how long the little one will fit it before it gets too large for it. Of course we can buy another stroller later on but it would be nice for the Bugaboo to last a year or more - what do you think?

Olivia said...

Oh the Bee is so cute! But to be practical, the Chameleon is best - it seems to live up to its name and in a city like this you need all the versatility and toughness you can get, plus one with room for a baby to grow rather than buying two sizes because babes grow so fast, AND you get a removable carrier. The wheels look great for negotiating all the curbs, pavements, and buses.

My vote is for the chameleon then.


Fernandez and Wells on Lexington? Lexington? You make it sound like you teleported to NYC for a moment.

Oh I haven't been to either Muji or Liberty in ages. *missing them*

Bombay Beauty said...

Indeed, the Chameleon is great. You can't go wrong! BB

Planethalder said...

I think it may be the Chameleon then!