Thursday, February 07, 2008

23 weeks

The picture above shows how much the internal organs are already being pushed upwards at 20 weeks. I'm now 23 weeks and 3 days and I can really feel my uterus pushing against my skin and above my belly button. The lifting upwards of the uterus has certainly relieved pressure on my bladder and lower pelvic cavity so I feel relatively more comfortable than I've felt before. But I am more breathless and have heartburn. It's extraordinary how hard my belly is - like a round football, but larger, thrusting outwards from my body like an alien growth. M and I keep marvelling at it.

Apparently, Little Planethalder now weighs about one pound and is approximately 11.5 inches head to heel - the weight of a large mango and the length of a banana. Her facial features are beginning to develop and she's likely to be able to open and close her eyes now, hear things on the outside and suck her thumb. She's certainly enjoying herself inside of me - kicking and punching and twisting and turning. M can now feel her kick from the outside which has made the whole experience something we can finally and concretely share.

Yet, like adults, she has her active days when she enjoys her acrobatics and her inactive days when she prefers to chill out and take it easy - either that or she's kicking towards my back, which I can't feel, or against my colon which feels like internal popping wind. On Tuesday, I had a routine checkup in the hospital and asked them to check for her heartbeat with a Doppler. Only that morning both M and I had felt her kick but the anxiety over her well-being never diminishes. My heart leapt into my throat when the obstetrician couldn't find a heartbeat and yet she could hear the swishing of the amniotic fluid inside suggesting the baby was moving around. So they did an ultrasound and there she was, heart beating strongly away, kicking her legs and punching out her fists and squirming every which way. The relief was immeasurable.

Today, I am at home sick with a sore throat and a mild fever - sleeping, reading magazines, watching property programmes on daytime TV, periodically checking and responding to work emails, sleeping again. The time at home has afforded me this luxury of writing a rare weekday blog post, which is a lovely change as this was beginning to read like a weekend activity blog only.

And I'm beginning to think about my newborn baby shopping list. I'll post it here soon and seek the advice of any interested readers (mummies or not) on what to buy and not to buy for the first few weeks.


Jean said...

Take very good care of you both. xxx

Olivia said...

Ooh you get better at once, ok?

I was born at 27 weeks and when my friend had her baby last year she wouldn't stop reminding me at week 27 (like I'd forget, tuh!), much like this post, to a handful of her closest friends!

You're doing a good thing by feeding baby exciting foods, she'll be a gourmande for sure. She is a she then? Ahhhhhhh, sweet ;)

As for the next post, well, look at the time. I'll have to come back tomorrow to read it, so try not to post again, hehe. Today was my second day back at work and I am allowed shorter hours to prevent a relapse. Yay.

Anonymous said...

You may or may not have visited Mumsnet, a forum for parents. It is VERY addictive.

Anyway, once you get used to all the 'in talk' it is a really useful resource. It has a good search thread facility so you can look up information on ANYTHING.

I found this conversation on what to buy for a newborn.


Bombay Beauty said...

well. I used to enjoy watching Martha Stewart or the HGTV (Home & Gardens Network) when I was home sick. So soothing.... Hope you're feeling better soon! BB

choxbox said...

I also had a sore throat when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Typing down what worked for me -
Slice a ginger really fine - as fine as you can. Add 'Sendha Namak' (you'll get this in any Indian grocery shop) and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly. Keep having pieces of ginger as and when you feel like it.
It works very well to keep sniffles away too and is yummy as well.

Planethalder said...

Jeanand BB - thank you!
Olivia - you were born at 27 weeks? Goodness me, what an extra special baby you must have been - I wonder if that is why it seems you and your mother are so close.
Hi S, yup I'm addicted to Mumsnet!
Choxbox - honey and lemon and hot water have been my saviours. Regarding Sendha Namak - will ordinary rock salt not do or are there extra properties in Sendha Namak that will help?

choxbox said...

Apparently Sendha Namak has a lot of medicinal properties and this particular combination has lots of benefits.

And oh you have been tagged!