Monday, October 16, 2006

Return to New York

We spent the day at home today - cleaning the house, doing laundry. M popped by Baldwin's butchers on his way back from the gym (his grandfather used to shop there too) and bought some stewing beef to make spicy Hungarian goulash with Turkish dipping bread for our dinner - perfect comfort food now the winter's setting in. And then we returned to New York for a few hours: first I transferred all our New York photos to our computer and then we sat down to watch first the disturbing Rosemary's Baby with Mia Farrow, and then the hilarious camp but ultimately sad Midnight Cowboy on DVD. Movie trivia from IMDb:
  • "Dustin Hoffman kept pebbles in his shoe to ensure his limp would be consistent from shot to shot.
  • Bob Dylan's song "Lay Lady Lay" was written for inclusion in the film but missed the deadline.
  • Before Dustin Hoffman auditioned for this film, he knew that his all-American image could easily cost him the job. To prove he could do it, he asked the auditioning film executive to meet him on a street corner in Manhattan, and in the meantime, dressed himself in filthy rags. The executive arrived at the appointed corner and waited, barely noticing the "beggar" less than ten feet away who was accosting people for spare change. At last, the beggar walked up to him and revealed his true identity.
  • The only X-rated film ever to win a Best Picture Oscar.
  • The only X rated movie shown to a US President while in office.
  • Andy Warhol was originally scheduled to appear in the Factory sequence. His appearance was cancelled when he was shot by Valerie Solanis."

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