Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nothing and everything

Today was one of those blissful Sundays when the rain is pouring, the wind is cold, but it's warm inside the flat. Nothing and everything happens on days like these: the laundry and ironing get done, the house gets cleaned, the chicken simmers into chicken noodle soup for hours on the stove... We put all the photos from our Thailand 2005 and Seville 2005 holidays, ordered from Photobox, into photo albums; flipped through Grazia (me) and Men's Fitness (him); watched episodes of The OC, season 2 (both of us) and Queer As Folk USA, season 1 (me) on the DVD; chatted with our parents on the phone; found our wedding invitations online (the perfect mix of Indian and Western); confirmed our NYC hotel reservation for next Saturday; ate chocolate biscuits and dranks lots of tea.

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