Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11, life goes on

Spent a chilled out day in Richmond, along the River Thames, today, cheering boats in the Great River Race. Some 200 river craft took part - Viking longboats, Hawaiian war canoes, Chinese dragon boats, gigs, skiffs, curraghs, shallops, wherries, whalers and other boats I can't pronounce. The race started in Richmond, southwest London, then continued along the Thames - passing under 14 bridges, through Westminster, along the South Bank and finishing up at Greenwich, some 22 km away. But we stayed in Richmond because it is such a pretty little town, and explored the river path west. A few photos on the right (click on Photoroll) -->

Afterwards, saw the interminable The Terminal (sorry - I'm tired). The film resorted to stereotypes from the get-go: bumbling, fumbling Eastern European; mad, paranoid and plate-juggling Indian; vapid, airhead stewardess; love-struck, Mexican Romeo; laid-back African-American; sinister airport immigration officer (okay - perhaps the latter was spot on). However, I was too bored to be outraged.

I think the BBC put it best: "The Terminal is like standing under a waterfall of vomit for two hours and occasionally being let out for air."

Better to watch "Here to Where", the story of the real Mr Terminal - Merhan Karimi Nasseri - who has spent 16 years living in Charles de Gaulle airport.

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