Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily routine

Now that 3 year old Little Planet has started preschool (5 mornings a week), I have a new daily weekday routine that I thought I'd record here. She still goes to her childminder but now only two afternoons a week so that I have two full days for writing.

7am - Wake up Little Planet, get her ready and give her breakfast whilst we read together.
7.30am - I go out for a run (30 minutes); return, shower, eat breakfast; Mr Planet goes to work.
9am - Drop Little Planet off at preschool (2min walk away).
9.15am - Return home, sit at desk with coffee, write, stare out of window, write some more.
12pm - Pick Little Planet up and walk her to the childminder where she will have lunch, play, then have dinner.
12.30pm - Return home, have lunch, write, drift, write, do a few chores, look at time and in a panic write some more.
5.30pm - Collect Little Planet.
6pm - Return home, play with Little Planet, tidy up together.
7pm - Stories, milk and bedtime for Little Planet.
7.30pm - Make dinner and read, write some more, watch TV, surf Internet, knit, potter until Mr Planet comes home (anytime after 8.30pm) then eat dinner.
10.30pm - Bedtime (I like my sleep).

As Monday except no running.

Morning routine as Monday (including running).
12pm - Pick up Little Planet from preschool, bring her home, have lunch together then play.
2pm - Take Little Planet to her gym class.
3pm - Back home and playing including painting and/or phonics and/or numbers and/or computer and/or baking plus I try and fit in some chores.
5pm - Little Planet's dinner then a bit of TV then playtime.
7pm - Little Planet's bedtime routine then my evening as Monday.

Same day as Wednesday but no morning run, and instead of gym class Little Planet has a sports class in the afternoon.

Same day as Wednesday (including my morning run) then the afternoon is completely free for Little Planet and me. Her Dida (my Mum) will usually pop round for the afternoon to play with Little Planet, or we'll go to the library and/or the park.

Out and about as a family!


Metropolitan Mum said...

Sounds like a great routine. I am afraid I still haven't found a new routine since moving house. There always seems to be the exemption from the norm in our weeks that keeps me from sticking what I need to do, i.e. re-edit!!

Planethalder said...

MetMum, I think you are exempt from thinking about a routine until you are all well settled in :-)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Just came back to report that routine is STILL not in place. ARGHHHHHHH
Hope you are well. MetMumxx

memyhubbynbaby said...

Such a steady routine. When did Lil P stop taking afternoon naps? Aashna naps for about 2 hours in the afternoons at her preschool, its so tough to get her into bed any time before 9 PM everyday :(

Planethalder said...

MetMum :-)

Priyanka, Little Planet dropped all naps completely by 24 months. But she's had a 7pm bedtime since a tiny baby as I am a ruthless enforcer of bedtime.