Thursday, June 30, 2011

The passing of time

When this photo was taken, Little Planet was barely 30 minutes old, born after an emergency c-section but looking very well despite it all. Yesterday, we took her to her preschool induction, barely 3 years old. She'll start officially there this September. Next September, 2012, she'll start primary school, barely 4 years old. She's been in our lives just three years and I simply cannot imagine my life without her now.

Absolutely, the deepest, most intense love I've ever experienced.

Please excuse this most indulgent and sentimental post...


Su-Lin said...

3 years already - my goodness, time flies. Congrats!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I can completely relate. I never quite understood what they meant when they said your love will grow and grow, but it's true. (she looked really cute as a newborn, I bet you've been very proud)