Thursday, May 05, 2011

Potty schmotty

Bah, the potty, who needs it! Certainly not Little Planet as she's now toilet-trained. And she's not even using a trainer seat. With the help of a step, she sits on a normal toilet seat. All applause to her childminders. If she was home with me, she'd be in nappies until she started school. I have the patience of a gnat. We still need to work on her poos, though.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhhhh. (insert the sound of hair being teared out here) I half-heartedly tried to potty train the little one. And stopped again. And started. And stopped. Most likely I have screwed her up completely and she'll be in her nappies until she... I don't know. How big do the biggest nappies come? Ahhhhhhhhh!

Planethalder said...

Rest assured she won't be in nappies by the time she starts school :-) School has always been my deadline :-)

Su-Lin said...