Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Head down

Well, I've completed the chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene outline for my novel. It's run to 33 pages so it's quite detailed. I know from experience of writing my previous two novels that some or many of the scenes will change as I write, but for now I am very happy and excited with the plot, characters, structure and scenes. The novel's set in present-day London and Calcutta and there are two main characters whose stories intersect, and several more minor characters. Now I have the scenes all laid out, I've identified the research I need to do to bring the scenes to life. So, it's head down now. Blog posts will be few and far between, I suspect, and limited to photos. See you soon!


Beks said...

sounds good. break a leg

Anonymous said...

Exciting! All the best.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Wow. I am very excited for you. x