Monday, August 16, 2010

Tweet, tweet

We had a lovely weekend, the highlight of which was going out for a Turkish lunch with six of us. In lieu of a proper weekend post (aside from the wonderful lunch, we did little else but play and relax at home), here are some recent Tweets:
  • Cauliflower cheese for dinner tonight. Comfort food of the highest order.
  • Happy wedding anniversary, Mum and Dad! I love you both xxx
  • Homemade potato salad with spring onions, chives, parsley and mayo for lunch today.
  • When M is home, Little P can never get enough of him. She's his little shadow which he loves, but he then gets worn out from no down time.
  • I can never get bored of baklava. Yum.
  • Downpour and soaking aside, it was a lovely day with a Turkish lunch for six.
  • I was a good host and lent my umbrella to a guest and then got stuck in a torrential downpour. I was soaked, of course.
  • I have to collect Little Planet from daycare soon and it's not only pouring with rain but I hear thunder too. And no car. Help!
  • M and I have both taken today, Friday, off work so we're heading into town for a day of fun :-)
  • This morning Lil P woke up so I called out "Hello" & opened her door. She shouted at me "No, go away Mummy, it's Daddy's turn to say Hello!"
  • Little P is experiencing her first celebrity crush: Carrie & David Grant from CBeebies' Pop Shop. She gets excited & shy by turns. So sweet! (Photo above)
  • The sheer size of A Suitable Boy is proving a little intimidating. I'm still (slowly) reading it but also dipping into A Married Woman by Manju Kapur (re-reading it actually) and Anita Desai's Fasting, Feasting.
  • Saw Toy Story 3. Exhilarating, funny, emotional. Brilliant!
  • Uh oh, storyline for one of my major characters has changed completely. Time for a major reworking. All good tho as the story is stronger.
  • Fancied simple dal and rice for lunch today. So that's what I'm cooking.
  • Am beginning to get so lost in my writing that I forget that I have to pick up Little Planet. I need to set the alarm for 5.15pm each day.
  • Just started to read Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy. Brilliant! I can't believe I've never read it before - a veritable literary soap opera.
  • Little Planet woke up this morning wanting Feta cheese with her Cheerios.
  • Squirrels eating my Gerberas - buds and all. Googled a solution & laid down red chilli flakes all around the plant. Seems to be working.
  • I love the rain now that I've got green fingers.

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