Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-week interlude

A break for lunch today - a delicious Byron burger, fries and freshly-squeezed lemonade in Islington.

Butterfly sun hat for Little Planet from Green Baby next door - the store we virtually lived at when Little Planet was a baby.

Organic baby creams also from Green Baby.

Back home to work. Having completed detailed outlines for the plot, sub plots, characters, setting and structure, I am now working on mapping out the novel's scenes.

Homemade tonkatsu and carrot and daikon pickles for dinner tonight when M returns home. And the planting of two more tomato plants.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Ok, the next time you will be having lunch about 200 metres from my home, you'll have to ask me to join.

Planethalder said...

Will do, Met Mum (when I have more time for lunch - this was a quick 30 mins lunch before I had to dash off).