Friday, June 25, 2010

Potty mouth

My 2 year old daughter has a dirty sense of humour. Cases in point:

Exhibit one
She burps loudly, then holds her hand in front of her mouth, gives a little giggle and states in an exaggerated voice, "Pardon me!"

Exhibit two
I'm changing her nappy upstairs in her room. Her father returns home. He shouts up, "Hello Little Planet!" She shouts back down, "Hello Daddy!" He says, "What are you doing?" She replies, "I done a poo poo!"

Exhibit three
This time her daddy is changing her nappy. She lets rip a loud fart and giggles wildly. Then she puts up her finger and says, "Here comes another one!" and surely a few moments later she lets rip another fart.

We neither burp nor fart in front of her (not even in front of each other really - need to keep the romance alive!) so these habits are hers alone :-)


Achala said...

haha, Little Planet sure has a clear sense of family - don't have to be discrete with the burping and farting! Lol @ exhibit three - your girl has a wicked sense of humour!!

newmumontheblock said...

LOL what is it with kids this age and their penchant for potty humor? Nikki has taken to going off into peals of really amused laughter each time she burps and its so infectious she gets the rest of us laughing with her as well!

Metropolitan Mum said...

You know what they say about kids copying their parents' behaviour... ;)