Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In spite of illness, life goes on

February tweets:
  • Full English breakfast at the National Cafe off Trafalgar Square. Complete with delicious black pudding, which I love. Back to work now.
  • We may book into The Hempel for our wedding anniversary. I am so excited. Feels decadent staying in a hotel in my own city.
  • Lovely morning shopping, coffee & cake in Crouch End; chilled afternoon watching cheesy Bollywood movie which Little P enjoyed dancing to!
  • Time will always fly by when you have children. I am often stunned when Little P turns another month older!
  • Am I the only mother who gets sad realising I will never witness the whole of my child's life - that I will never see her turn 60 for e.g.?
  • Before you reply, "Oh stop being maudlin and enjoy her now!" - I enjoy every second of Little P...
  • ... But sometimes I get sad at the life - her life in the future - that I will not witness.
  • On an upbeat note, beef goulash for dinner tonight! M was home today and cooked it. It's been bubbling away for ages & the house smells yum.
  • There is nothing more mesmerising than watching Little P sleeping - the only moment in the day...
  • ... when she is not in peretual motion and I can stare to my heart's content.
  • Sick parents looking after sick child and still having to keep on top of work = extreme exhaustion.
  • I can't shift this cold and cough! But I can't take time off work because too many deadlines are hurtling toward me!!! :-(((
  • I have switched off all work email and taken the day off work. It's madness how much pressure I am putting on myself. I need to get well!
  • Saw A Single Man today at Islington Vue. What a measured, elegant movie. And with clothes (and a house) to die for!
  • Made a momentous, life-changing, life-expanding decision this weekend. Need to let it all sink in; need to get thru the next weeks/months.
  • Hi Mum, I've arrived in Paris! (My mum does not know how to text or receive them but she reads my Twitter feed!)
  • A day of art... Crash: Homage to JG Ballard at the Gasgosian. So many of my favourite artists in one place. Such a feast.
  • William Eggleston at Victoria Miro - wonderful snapshots of everyday life captured on this seminal photographer's travels around the world.
  • Incredible, vivid, comprehensive survey of photography from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh at The Whitechapel Gallery. Fills me with pride.
  • Delicious, big Japanese lunch at Life on Old Street: okonomiyake, miso soup, chicken teriyaki, sushi and cheesecake.
  • At the Haunch of Venison, Piccadilly: Jitish Kallat's random, eclectic paintings, sculptures & photos; Chiharu Shiota's fairytale scapes.
  • In case you're wondering, Mr Planet and I have the day off to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. And tonight we're booked into a hotel.
  • Mr Planet & I are enjoying a night at The Hempel whilst Little Planet is bring looked after by her beloved Grandma & Auntie.
  • Driving through Hyde Park to South Kensington after a heavenly night at The Hempel. Our anniversary weekend isn't over yet...
  • Popped into The Saatchi Gallery's Indian Art Today exhibition. Eclectic, comprehensive, with some interesting work.
  • Bought some delightful Indian storybooks for Little P from Saatchi Gallery. Now driving to Marylebone for shopping and lunch.
  • Clothes for Little P from Bonpoint, novels from Daunts, steak from Ginger Pig, cheese from La Fromagerie. I love shopping in Marylebone.
March tweets:
  • Friday is pie-day. Steak & kidney pie then treacle pud with custard @ Newman Arms with colleagues. Then delicious flat whites from Lantana.
  • It's been a noisy Saturday but 7pm is here and heavenly quiet at last... No Saturday night plans but to eat and then read in peace.
  • Chicken livers, sprinkled with sea salt, under the grill, delicious.
  • Little P feverish, won't eat any food but milk, irritable, wants only to be held & cuddled, chewing on her bottle teat. I think it's molars.
  • A leisurely Saturday morning buying books in Waterstone's on Piccadilly and a wander around the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
  • Today we also ate Japanese pancakes, om-soba noodles and green tea ice cream at Abeno in Bloomsbury then strolled down Lamb's Conduit Street.
  • Mr Planet treated 3 mothers to Mother's Day lunch today: his mum, my mum and me. Oh, and possibly a future mum in the shape of Little P ;-)
  • My 2nd ever Mother's Day was wonderful. 21 month old Little P presented me with a handpainted card complete with painted handprint. Then....
  • ...Mr P took myself, Little P & both her Grandmas out for a Turkish lunch. Delicious minced lamb and chicken kebabs, humous & baklava.
  • 7.30pm. House perfectly still & quiet. In sweat pants & t-shirt sprawled out on the sofa, reading Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked. Blissed out.
  • I'm waiting in a stuffy court lounge waiting to be summoned for jury service. Zzzzzz....

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