Friday, February 05, 2010

10% more

In my last post, I described how I had struggled to set any New Year resolutions this year because, give or take several detours, I am living the life I had always dreamed for myself since childhood. I said that it's time to envision a new life for myself, or at least set myself some new goals.

Aside from my usual, "Get fit", "Read more current affairs", "Eat less", "Work harder" goals I half-heartedly set for myself every so often, I've been struggling to think about much that would make my existing life better...

...Except the concept of living the life I already live, but living it better.

It came to me one morning as I was walking to work: "What if I lived the life I live now, the life that I already love, but with 10% more effort?"

Every aspect of my existing life would improve, and it could start with the little things: Walking with 10% more energy, injecting 10% more oomph into my work presentations and meetings, giving 10% more attention to detail in how I dress and present myself, putting 10% more rigour into understanding the news articles I read and the art shows I view, having 10% more appreciation of the food I prepare and consume, investing 10% more focus on making my home more beautiful, being tender and kind towards my husband 10% more of the time, making 10% more attempts at making my little daughter laugh hysterically...

The thought that I need inject just 10% more effort into every aspect of my life feels achievable, not daunting.

So let's see how it goes... I already have an extra spring in my step.

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