Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update tweets

In lieu of recent posts, here are some updates from the last two months from my Twitter site. Work is the craziest it's ever been; I don't see my workload easing up any time soon so I need to make more of an effort to post on my blog. I must make this effort because I really enjoy browsing my old posts on here (all the way back to 2004) when I get some downtime.

December updates
  • I will be working right up to Christmas. Everyone else's clients down tools for 3 weeks over December. Not mine.
  • I keep thinking it's Monday tomorrow. I've packed Little Planet's daycare bag, my work bag and I nearly put out the empty milk bottles.
  • I'm trying not to hyperventilate over the fact that I have 3 client presentations to prepare and deliver before Christmas :-(
  • On top of working, we're hosting a family Christmas again this year for 10+. I see no rest at all for M & I until 2010.
  • Super busy at work but still spent a lovely weekend with Little Planet & M, and tonight M & I enjoyed a romantic dinner at Roka on Charl.St.
  • What a lovely Xmas. We hosted dinners on Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing Day all for 12 guests each day. The fun far outweighed the stress!
  • We ate roast cod and chermoula on Xmas Eve, roast goose on Xmas Day and an Indian feast (courtesy of my lovely mum) on Boxing Day.
  • Roasted ham, broad beans and bubble & squeak (using leftover Christmas veggies) for dinner last night.
  • Met up with M after work tonight for a lovely dinner at Yauatcha. Now I have the rest of the week off - yippee!
  • All guests have finally left & it's just M, Little P & me for 5 days to spend full-on quality time together before work resumes on the 4th.
  • M and I are seeing in New Year with Champers and roast beef. Little Planet is seeing the New Year in with chicken pox!
January updates
  • 2009: Celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary & Little P's 1st birthday, returned to work, and travelled to Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris & New York.
  • I hope 2010 is as wonderful.
  • Little P's new word is "Itchy" as her chicken pox takes hold. Both her Grandmas will be looking after her next week, showering her in love.
  • I can't believe it's back to work on Monday... Where did the luxury of time go?
  • I've decided not to set myself any 2010 resolutions until the beginning of Spring, which feels much more natural.
  • Yum, lunch from Ambala - samosa, potato cake, curried chickpeas, and dahi bara.
  • 1 of the positives of having kids - the excuse to watch their movies (not that we need an excuse!)? I am looking forward to it!
  • Little P's chickenpox is clearing and she's back to her cheery, cheeky self.
  • I am glad Little P got chickenpox so young. Now it's out of the way. I, on the other hand, am still waiting to get it!
  • Mooli wraps on Frith St - delicious. I had paneer wrap. £5 meal deal - wrap, papads, drink. Eat in it's foil cover tho as will fall apart.
  • Another client presentation. Still get very nervous doing them yet I work in client services! Worst part of my job, but shd be the best.
  • These days I automatically assume that a lone woman at the cinema is not single but married with a child or two & simply seeking alone time.
  • Saw Up In The Air at the cinema after work today. Clooney very good. (Mr Planet put Little Planet to bed so I didn't have to rush home).
  • My 19 mth old is waking at 5.30 now after sleeping 7 to 7. She sleeps longer without a day nap though. I'm hoping it's just a phase!
  • Attending Saraswati puja with my mum.
  • Puja made me realise what a mixed up bunch my family are r.e. religion: mum is Hindu, dad is Brahmo Samaj, I'm Catholic, husband is athiest.
  • & Little Planet is "undecided" (I assume). When my parents enrolled me in convent school they deliberately left the Religion field blank....
  • ... explaining to the head nun that at 4 years old I was too young to have made up my own mind on religion. My parents were (are) very cool.
  • My mum and I are having quality mother-daughter time and going to the cinema to see Meryl Streep in It's Complicated soon.


miapan said...

"Puja made me realise what a mixed up bunch my family are r.e. religion: mum is Hindu, dad is Brahmo Samaj, I'm Catholic, husband is athiest."

That is really interesting. Is there a story behind why you chose to be a catholic...and maybe you will write about it someday?!

Planethalder said...

Hi Miapan, Yes it's definitely a story worth recounting in detail on this blog one day, but in precis it's all to do with my belief in the Catholic mass and transubstantiation - a whole series of experiences I underwent when I was in my late teens, as well as my love of the writings of Catholic thinkers such as Thomas Merton and Anthony de Mello.

But I am not a conventional Catholic by any stretch - I do not regularly attend Mass, for example, and most days I do not even think about my faith.