Monday, November 02, 2009

Cooped up

We had another very low key weekend. Saturday morning was spent in the park; the afternoon was spent napping, playing at home and sorting through paperwork in the study. We all ate well - Little Planet devoured pasta with a cheese and tomato sauce for lunch, and scrambled eggs and peas for dinner. M baked rye bread with caraway seeds and also a lemon sponge cake. For dinner, he grilled venison steaks and we ate them with roasted cauliflower with capers and sauteed potatoes. In all, Saturday was blissfully languid.

Sunday was altogether a very different day. For a start, it poured with rain; it was so blustery that we couldn't go out with the buggy. So we hunkered down inside all day. At first I thought, "How wonderful, we can snuggle in all day and be supremely lazy!" But I developed a painful stomach ache from the previous night's venison; I subsisted on white buttered toast all day and lay prone on the sofa. And all three of us suffered from cabin fever - we whinged and whined to some extent all day long. I think Little Planet in particular disliked being cooped up all day inside. It's part of her daily routine to be outside for a few hours each day. Fortunately my mum came round in the afternoon so Little Planet was relatively happy being distracted by her "Gramma".

My stomach still hurts, but I'm at work now so I am being distracted from the pain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hope you feel better soon.

Rhea said...

Oops! Hope you feel better soon.

Planethalder said...

Thanks. Yes, feeling much better. Being at work helped distract me from the pain. Good job, because my mum left homecooked Indian food behind for my and M's dinner tonight: prawn & coconut curry plus spicy mixed vegetables.

Planethalder said...

The most annoying thing about being ill is how it robs you of precious quality time with your family. Especially Little Planet. Poor thing was extra whingy with me on Sunday because I couldn't play with her. It made me feel so bad.