Friday, October 09, 2009

Best things in life...

  • When my daughter chuckles to herself at something she's doing or thinking
  • My husband's home cooking
  • Being immersed so deeply into a project that I lose track of time
  • Anticipating a holiday - as satisfying often as the holiday itself!
  • Coming out into daylight after watching a matinee movie in the cinema
  • The Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota - an hypnotic environment redolent with so many fond memories for me
  • Hot, buttery mash potatoes
  • Marmite on white buttered toast (always has to be butter)
  • An empty hour or three with a good book or the weekend newspapers
  • My mother's embrace - so comforting when I'm upset
  • The sound of silence
  • Very loud rock music
  • Bach's cello concertos - the only music that has brought me to tears with its beauty
  • All Stars or Converse sneakers - the best things for my feet
  • Trashy rom-com movies - my guilt pleasure
  • British weather - I truly love the unpredictability of it
  • A Sunday movie on DVD - I am really looking forward to the day Little Planet can curl up on the sofa and watch a movie with me
  • Living in London - every day here is an adventure and I can't imagine living anywhere else in Britain
  • Spontaneous hugs from my husband or daughter
  • DKNY t-shirts
  • John Smedley cardigans
  • Nicole Farhi jumpers
  • American Apparel baby clothes - bold colours and well made
  • Standing out in the garden at night when the world is hushed and breathing in the fresh chill air and looking at the stars
  • Freshly roasted Monmouth coffee
  • Napping
  • Dancing with my daughter
  • A foot massage from my husband
  • Snuggling... into my husband, into my baby, into a duvet
  • Being pregnant - I loved my hair, my skin, my body, feeling her move about inside me, the nesting, the dreaming... I felt so powerfully feminine
  • Pottering at home
So many more things, but this is it for now...

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