Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazing around

We did little this weekend, apart from lazing around all day long. On Saturday, we breakfasted at Carluccio's at the Brunswick and then played with Little Planet in the children's park near Russell Square Coram's Fields. We shopped at Waitrose and then spent the afternoon at home, playing in the house and the garden with Little Planet. Her Gran also arrived. Dinner was rib eye steak and salad.

On Sunday, M, Little Planet and her Gran went off to the park for the morning leaving me blissfully home alone for a few hours: I sat in the garden and read the papers from cover to cover. It was so quiet; it was wonderful. My mum arrived in the afternoon and the two Grans played with their granddaughter in the garden while M and I pottered around doing things around the house. We also booked our holilday to New York in October - hurrah! Dinner was oven-baked sea bream and salad.

And that was it. Today, M and I returned to work, and tried to ease back into our familiar routine, though it is terribly hard having to get up at 6.30am again.


Beks said...

You give me hope that one day there will be a life lived outside my house.

Planethalder said...

It gets better, Beks. Also, try and get the baby used to being looked after by people other than you and your hubby. Makes like easier for you and also, I strongly believe, makes it better for your baby.