Sunday, July 19, 2009

Play, play, play

Saturday began with the three of us piled into our bed... M and I drinking coffee, playing with Little Planet and watching CBeebies on TV with her. We particularly enjoyed Animalia. Then we headed into town on the Tube - 13 month old Little Planet beaming at everyone as she sat like a big girl on her seat. In Regent's Park, Little Planet went on the swings and on the rocking horse. Then we took her down Marylebone High Street to buy meat from The Ginger Pig, assorted cheeses and salad leaves from La Fromagerie and children's books from Daunt's.

M took Little Planet back home in a cab because he had a number of heavy bags. Little Planet is not good in cars - she hates being strapped in and she may not like the movement either - so she cried alot on the way home. But as soon as she reached our house, M said, she was absolutely fine. The cab driver was chilled about his upset little passenger, telling M that he has young children of his own and has "been there, done that"!

Meanwhile, I stayed on in town and saw the movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee at a cinema in Piccadilly. I loved this film. It made me cry throughout - it is an intensely emotional movie about a marriage in decline and a ravaged mother-daughter relationship. It featured an amazing cast - including Robin Wright Penn, Alan Arkin, Maria Bello, Keanu Reeves, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore and Monica Bellucci. I even liked Winona Ryder's performance, who I usually find such a wet blanket both in real life and on film.

Afterwards, I picked up desserts from Princi in Soho - passionfruit cheesecake and strawberry millefeuille - then headed back home to spend time with Little Planet before her bedtime. For dinner, M grilled two beef fillet steaks and dressed them in a light yuzu and soya sauce. He prepared a salad of mixed leaves, blue cheese, grilled peach slices and a sherry vinegar and olive oil dressing. Desserts were from Princi.

We topped of the night with a viewing of an episode of Californication and then the hilarious movie The 40 Year Old Virgin, which neither one of us has ever seen. But could only watch half, as we were so tired.

We spent most of Sunday at home. We did some local shopping but overall we spent the entire day playing with Little Planet, reading the papers and cooking. I cooked up a batch of dal for Little Planet to put into the freezer and another batch of dal (a spicier version) for tomorrow's dinner for M and I. My mum spent the afternoon at our house, playing with her Granddaughter. It's only been a week since my mum has last seen Little Planet but she was amazed at what a little chatterbox she is, how well she is feeding herself solid food, and how well she walks.

And now Sunday evening has rolled round again. I have a glass of Amaretto and ice by my side as I type this. M is basting the roast chicken and finishing off crispy potatoes with the porcini which had been roasted inside the chicken. We'll finish off watching last night's movie and then have an early night.

Another busy week commences.


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