Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fast, slow

The title characterises my weekend perfectly. Saturday was spent in a busy whirl of activity, accompanying my mother up to East Anglia to check on her house one last time, collect her car, hand over the keys to the estate agent and then drive four hours back down to London where she now lives permanently. We were both exhausted.

M, meanwhile, had spent the day at home in London with Little Planet.

Sunday epitomised just how lovely it is to have my mother now live not four hours away, but thirty minutes away: she was able to pop over to our house and spend the day with her grandchild. After the frenetic Saturday, Sunday was altogether extremely tranquil. M did bits and pieces around the house, while my mother, my daughter and I relaxed the entire day in the garden. And that was all we did. Bliiiissssss...


beyond said...

great that the grandma is having algreat time with litlle planet.but what about your dad?

Planethalder said...

Unfortunately my father is in a care home. But we have set the wheels in motion to move him down to London.