Friday, April 17, 2009

Days of leisure # 1

With Little Planet in fulltime childcare and with still a little time left of maternity leave, I have been indulging in a lot of "me time". I have...
  • Bought jeans, blouses, tights, shoes and ti-shirts from French Connection, Gap, Cos, Uni Qlo, Selfridges and Wolford
  • Lunched at Itsu (sushi) on Regent Street and Ikeda (mixed tempura) off Bond Street
  • Breakfasted with M before his work, at Konditor & Cook (sausage rolls) on the Greys Inn Road
  • Stocked up on provisions at the John Lewis food hall (mainly salad leaves) and teas at Postcard Teas (Sparrow's Tongue, First Flush and Masala Chai)
  • Watched the moving Genova and poignant Gran Torino at cinemas in the West End
  • Viewed Kutlug Ataman's engrossingly familiar family home movies at the Thomas Dane Gallery (photo above) and Andreas Hofer's mythic art constructs at Hauser & Wirth
  • Eaten spaghetti carbonara, chilli tofu and chickpea and tomato stew at home for dinner
  • Househunted in North London with my mother, who is planning on moving down here to be closer to her only grandchild
M has been away in Europe but is back tonight and then he has all of next week off. With Little Planet in childcare, M and I will be spending some leisurely days together... just the two of us.

And at the end of next week, I return to work. My maternity leave is coming to an end and I am both excited and nervous about this. Excited, because I am returning to a job I love; nervous, because... how am I going to fit it all in and be good in my roles as professional, wife and mother?

Time will tell.


beyond said...

wish you good luck.plz write more.i read your posts every time but seldom comment but i really think you are very cool;)

Choxbox said...

hi. came here fater a while. your lil one is nearing the one yr mark?! wow - time does fly!

good luck for yet another change that coming up.

Premalatha said...

You are tagged!