Tuesday, April 08, 2008

House update

The move went surprisingly well. Though we are pretty much unpacked, there is still much to do in terms of waiting on deliveries, buying new things and arranging rooms to just how we like it. We keep wandering around the house not quite believing it's all ours and also trying to work out what extra hard and soft furnishings we need now that we have so much more space. Moving from a one-bed flat to a three-bed house is quite a leap.

We're back at work now and getting back into our usual routine. I only have another week before I leave for a year's maternity leave and I am really looking forward to enjoying this house at my leisure. We won't have an internet connection until next week, so I may be offline for a while if I can't find any time to update Planethalder from work.


globalindyan said...

An entire year off! That will be so awesome. Enjoy the house and the baby and please post some pics soon.

Olivia said...

You're going to have a wonderful, wonderful year, I can feel it!

I don't have to tell *you* how to enjoy yourself and savour every moment because I know you will.

Till the next time we hear from you...wishing you all the best.

Orchid said...

dear planethalder,
this is not my first time here..but the technically challenged person that I am, never figure out how to comment till now that is!
congrats on the new house and yes a whole yr of maternity leave sounds just perfect!!

Bombay Beauty said...

Well done on the move! I'm apartment hunting and contemplating a move -- it's daunting... BB

choxbox said...

a year with the baby sounds so good. one of the best things about working in the UK, as my desi friends say.

Planethalder said...

Thank you all, and welcome Orchid!