Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy doing nothing

A very quiet weekend this week. On Friday, samosas, chicken chaat, tamarind lamb and chicken and pomegranate at The Punjab in Covent Garden / On Saturday, a wander around John Lewis looking at LCD TVs and desktop computers /Getting my hair done and generally being gloriously pampered for several hours at the Aveda Institute on High Holborn / Eating ricotta and pumpkin ravioli, from Lina Stores in Soho, for a quiet dinner at home / On Sunday, a lie in as our downstairs neighbours had a rowdy night (as usual) and kept us awake - can't wait to move into a whole house all our own / Hanging out with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at home /Eating spinach borek and tomato, feta and thyme salad and clementines for lunch / Later we will devour M's homemade venison and beetroot stew for dinner / Afterwards, more chatting and maybe a DVD.

Hope you've had a chilled weekend too.


Olivia said...

You call all that nothing? You're funny :) Sounds like a perfect weekend, but then you always have those!

I don't know if you buy ricotta in shops, but there is a nice gourmet handmade one from Waitrose, the crab and chili. Such delicate pasta. Was yummy tossed in butter and black pepper and basil (feel as though I'm forgetting something though.)

Olivia said...

Oh, and you've got to visit Whole Foods on Kensington High Street (the old Barkers) and then blog about it. I love their fresh rustic loaf. And everything else there too.

Silent One said...

Agree with Olivia, thats hardly a chilled weekend !! Sounds lovely though, as always.
Please put up pictures of your house when you move.. pretty please..

Planethalder said...

Hi Olivia - I have blogged about Wholefoods a few times - here's one post, for example - but I admit I haven't been in a while.

Hi Silent One - Will do (if I can bear to expose to the world the red and lilac walls!).

Olivia said...

Just realised I typed "ricotta" when I meant to say "ravioli"! Wonder what happened there...?