Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blocked in Harlem

I've been wide awake since 6 o'clock this Sunday morning and the sun is streaming through my London home. The first thing I did when I returned to my beloved city last night was buy a copy of Time Out in preparation for making the most of this Bank Holiday weekend in the capital. But this beautiful weather is maddening because I have a cold brought on by the constant leaps back and forth between air-conditioned cold and humid heat in Thailand and I can't do anything today except sneeze and cough and be a miserable, unsociable cow. Perhaps I'll stay in today and catch up on a month's worth of blog reading. Uh-oh, just got a dinner invitation. Spluttering and sneezing over food at Harlem. Will I pass? Let's see how I feel over the next few hours.

Later: well, I felt good enough to go to Harlem and drink Cola and eat some rather good corn fritters with garlic mayo. Despite the bad reviews, the service was speedy and good, the music mellow and not invasive, and the food was comfort-eating great. This may have been because it was rather empty for a Sunday lunchtime.

But I did duly return home afterwards for the rest of the day and night to do nothing other than read magazines in bed and surf the net.

Scroll down to the Thailand entries as photos are slowly appearing.


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