Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wandering into green

And so wander out into green I did. Yesterday I took the Tube to Putney Bridge and walked several miles along the south bank of the River Thames to Richmond. Apart from a deluge of power walkers, joggers and cyclers hurtling past me between Putney and Hammersmith, and despite being a Saturday, I was overwhelmingly and blissfully alone.

At the beginning of the journey, my mind was busy chattering away with itself. After an hour or so, however, its only awareness was the rhythm played out by the movement of my legs, the crunch of the earth as my feet pounded the dirt track, the singing conversations of birds, the rustle of the wind through leaves, and the green space and flowing water around me.

After several hours of movement and silence, I was in dire need of re-fuelling. And at Richmond I hopped back on the Tube for a deliciously meat-laden dinner at the excellent and very busy Turkish restaurant Antepilier on Green Lanes.

A wonderful day of restoration that has left me feeling incredibly chilled even into Sunday. I need to do that more often.

Links today:

+ Nuptials. The wonderful mating rituals of eels, cranes, lizards and wasp moths.
+ Dates in Star Wars. A chronology of the Star Wars world eg 3900 BBY -- The planet Naboo is colonized by settlers from Grizmalt.

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