Saturday, May 28, 2005

Being nobody, going nowhere

Going to the theatre, visiting a gallery or eating out constitute a break from routine for many people.

For me, a break from routine is relaxing in my parents' garden in East Anglia, listening to the buzz of bumble bees and the whoosh of the wind through conifer trees, basking under the scent of a thousand flowers exploding from terracotta pots -- rust-red camellias, creamy marguerites, hot pink azaleas, blue lupins, orange dahlias, white lillies and purple heather.

A break from routine is also eating good home-cooked Indian food -- in this case, curried cauliflower, and spicy chicken with spinach and coconut. And watching goofy TV such as a 23 year old accountant's clapped out 1985 Ford Econoline van being transformed into a spectacularly flashy pornmobile complete with red velvet seats and a hot tub in MTV's Pimp My Ride! And need I mention Big Brother?

I've been spending a couple of days away from London and all its work and play freneticism, recharging. Sitting still, thinking no thoughts, going nowhere, being nobody.

The challenge, I realise, is to experience these feelings in the midst of the bustle of my regular life.

Other link today:

+ Gardens of Glass: Dale Chihuly at Kew Gardens. Can't wait to see this: what a perfect setting for Chihuly's exquisite work.

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