Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Rat Pack

Went to see The Rat Pack at the Strand in Aldwych last night and was disappointed that the play did not even hint at the troubled off-stage lives of Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and "Chairman of the Mob Board" Frank Sinatra. More concert than drama, the play nonetheless gave me a little taste of the three men's cocky nonchalence - their politically-incorrect and whiskey-drenched wisecracks and repartee.

And the theatre's snug confines seemed perfectly to double for the smoky atmosphere of the Copa Room of the Sands Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, where the Rat Pack (including Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford) enthralled in the early 60s.

With a suitably fanatical crowd that would do a Rocky Horror Picture Show performance in Stoke-on-Trent proud, I eventually fell for the play's bland charms.

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